Beautifully&personally hand roasted ethiopian & yemen coffee

We are firm believers of hand roasting our coffee beans by feel. It allows us to be completely in tune with our coffee beans & our coffee roast. We are very passionate & careful with each of our small batch roast.

                                             - Kamaran Coffee

About Us


We are a small family business passionate in roasting & brewing Ethiopian & Yemeni Coffee. We chose to work with these 2 types of Coffees  because of its' unequaled quality, taste , & name. Lets not forget that  Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee & Yemen was the first country to start the trade & cultivation of coffee globally. Ethiopian coffee & Yemeni coffee compliment each other so well. Our roasting & brewing technique  was taught while growing up in Ethiopia & stayed a tradition in our family once we moved to California. We enjoy our particular roast very much that we decided to share it with you. We want  to provide a pleasantly smooth & well balanced cup of coffee, to remind everyone that delicious coffee does not have to be bitter & does not have to  be masked with sugar or milk but appreciated & enjoyed for what it is, Coffee. • •


                                              - Kamaran Coffee